Oxfam Hong Kong - Fair the Sheep advocacy and public education activities

Oxfam Hong Kong - Fair the Sheep advocacy and public education activities


Hong Kong Inequality Report

Oxfam Hong Kong published the ‘Hong Kong Inequality Report’ to shed light on the widening gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong, and take a closer look at poverty in Hong Kong. Over the past 15 years, the wealth gap has drastically widened and has become far worse than other developed areas. In fact, in 2016, 1.3 million people were trapped in poverty.

Further, the report – which examines data from the Census and Statistics Department's 2001-2016 Population Census, the Mid-term Population Census and related data – found that the gap between the median monthly income of the poorest and wealthiest households had increased from 34 times in 2006 to 44 times.

To tackle the dangerous gap between the rich and poor, Hong Kong should urgently implement progressive policies on governance, taxation, public spending, public services, labour rights and civic engagement in order to create a human economy that benefits all, not just the fortunate few.


Fair the Sheep advocacy and public education activities

The Cantonese saying gung1 ping4 me1 (公平咩?) is used to question whether economic rules that favour the wealthy and powerful are fair. In light of the ‘Hong Kong Inequality Report’, we have created a character named Fair the Sheep – whose name is a play on the question gung1 ping4 me1 – to raise awareness about local inequality. Through art and pop culture, and a series of online creative works and activities we have created, we hope to enhance the public's understanding of systemic inequality. Join us as we rethink how society works and act to narrow the widening gap between the rich and poor.


Campaign with us

Your voice is powerful, and you can bring about change. Sign this online petition and demand the Hong Kong government to include and respond to Oxfam Hong Kong’s policy calls in the upcoming Policy Address and 2018-19 Budget.



About Fair the Sheep

Fair lives in a mobile app humans use to count sheep when they cannot sleep; it is powered by a farm filled with sheep that jump over fences. The labour conditions at the farm are not ideal, much like our current society: they work long hours, are paid little and lack labour protection. Many sheep have worked themselves sick and are slowly unable to stand the conditions.


Within the flock, there is one sheep that has strong muscles and legs, and is naturally good at jumping. She has a strong sense of justice and is determined to speak up on behalf of the oppressed sheep. Her name is Fair.


We have invited local illustrator Nic to create a character named Fair the Sheep, and have partnered with experienced drama professional Bing Bing to create a series of stories on labour and inequality that take place on a farm. To tell the tale of inequality, we have turned these stories into videos.


We are honoured to have Cecilia Yeung Man-wai, a well-known high jump athlete in Hong Kong, do Fair the Sheep’s voiceover and speak up against injustice.


Fair the Sheep Production Team


Oxfam Hong Kong Partners

Media Partner                               Commercial Radio Hong Kong

Fair the Sheep sound narration          Cecilia Yeung Man-wai

Calligraphy in Fair the Sheep logo              Fung Sin-wah (a.k.a Wah Gor)

Fair the Sheep character design and illustration      Nic        

Fair the Sheep script and screenwriter  Bing Bing    

Installation art            Chan Ka Hing

Fair the Sheep Website Design           Pixel Action


Special Thanks
Photos of Fair the Sheep in the community    Ducky Tse Chi Tak